Warbot io

The game is a great experience with stunning graphics, simple controls and a fun multiplayer. What I was most surprised by in this video game considering that it's totally free to play is the fact that you don't have to paying to win! It is true that you will need in-game coins to unlock other robots, however, every robot, even the beginning one is fantastic. But there's nothing to do after you've purchased each robot and reached the leaderboards. It would be amazing to have skins that you can unlock by using in-game coins or challenges.

At a minimum, there should be an a little bit of personalization options, and perhaps even a tiny upgrade hangar, or something else to make use of coins other more than an upgrade to the robot that is coming up. It's an acceptable degree of difficulty in an arena top-down however, the drop rates aren't based on chance There should be a certain variety with the field upgrades, for instance, three options available as you progress. In other words it's an enjoyable game. Maybe you could have everyone start at the same level , so that players who start at level 1 don't go through fully decked-out level 20s, in other words perhaps a bit of waiting time could make it feel more like an actual battle royal, and everyone gets the chance to win.

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