Starblast Io

Starblast is an exciting, fast-paced online multiplayer space shooter. You control your spacecraft and mine asteroids. Increase your stats, and upgrade to various types of spaceships with better statistics and weaponry. Take on other players and steal their treasures. Starblast provides 31 unique models of ships and thousands of maps, as well as 10 weapons, and special abilities. There are four game modes such as survival, teams deathmatch, and invasion.

If you choose to play online, you'll receive full instructions on how to participate in the game and you can earn the crystals. The main idea behind this game is controlling the ship. The players can steer the ship and it will be controlled by a map which is stuffed with asteroids. It is possible to break the asteroids and shoot them in order to earn gems or crystals. Gems can be used to upgrade your vessel or buy additional equipment to play with. Once your gems are full and you are able to upgrade it to higher-end ships. The gamecomes with seven different levels of ships. There are 32 different kinds of ships within the. The latest ones are similar to FuryStar, Vanguard, Bastion, Marauder, Howler, and many more. There were just 21 ships available when it was initially released. Game comes with four different modes which can be played in conjunction with the main menu in the game. The game has four modes. include Survival mode, Team mode and the Death Match mode and in the Invasion mode. Matches start and end automatically when you choose the mode. The main menu offers the option to play. It is possible to play customized shooting matches according to the needs through the platform, too.

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