Snowball io

I've been playing this for a few weeks. I've thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining playing style and the gameplay. But what keeps me playing all this time is the unlockable skins at every rank. I've been playing every day to unlock each. It was a difficult climb but the 3 top skins looked amazing that it was worth the effort. But today, I'm able to get to the point where I can gain access to the first skin.

But when I access the menu of skins, I find that the menu is membership only. The way they've marketed members the privilege of locking off all three top skins, which could be earned for free before. Now they're locked behind an unintentional paywall. There is no way to be this foolish to believe that an account that is held hostage to the skins people tried to earn over days grinding wouldn't get favorable feedback. This isn't saying that they shouldn't have gotten the membership.

A lot of games offer new top of the best items or accessories players can test. However, to just remove the top three skins(making these tiers completely useless) isn't what an account is. If they'd just introduced new skins for the membership, and left all the existing free top-tier skins I'd be applauding this game for what it was. To those who believe they couldn't come up with any more skins, they've just launched a ninja skin which could be the perfect way to get started to new skins that would have been a perfect fit for a membership

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