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❛It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.❜- Charles Darwin

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About The Game How To Survive Evolution Of Creatures Advantages & Disadvantages

EvoWorld : About The Game

About Evoworld

You might know that this game was initially released with a different name - Fly Or Die. The game soon became very popular because of the interesting gameplay and really awesome features. One year ago the developers decided to rebrand the game and changed the name, now it is called EvoWorld io. The game has a really unique gameplay : player joins the game being a small fly and have to get food and water to evolute and become a new creature. I forgot to mention that the game is available in multiplayer mode : you play against real people all around the world and this is really funny. Evolution is the most important factor of the game - you can't get stronger until you level-up and become a new creature.

How To Survive In EvoWorld io ?

Well, the main rule of this game is to fly or die. That's pretty simple rule which works all the time. In fact, EvoWorld is a survival game where you start with a weak character and have to either hide somewhere and get enough food to level up or to become the part of diet for other players. The basic rules for survival are easy to remember - you have to eat food with a green circle and avoid everything with a red circle. Drinking water is also very important for your character - you can notice a water supply bar on the screen and if it goes down to zero you will die. But keep in mind that searching for a water can be dangerous as there are a lot of enemies and hunters who are flying around and waiting for a victim. More information about successful strategies can be found below.

The Evolution Of Creatures In EvoWorld.

Creatures Of EvoWorld

The main reason why this game became so popular is in fact the huge variety of characters and creatures. As you know the best way to evolute is to get enough food and water and keep yourself in safe place. In EvoWorld.io you will find 45 different animals and 8 stages of evolution. Every time you reach the new stage of evolution your character changes and gains some new skills.At the beginning of the game you play with a small fly which is very weak and can't kill anyone but as you progress you can start hunting other players.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of EvoWorld.

Even though that there are no serious disadvantages in this game, many people would like to have an offline mode of the game to play it when there is no internet connection. Even though that the game is more interactive and interesting when people play against real people,I would be also interested in getting an offline mode. One more thing about the disadvantages reported by users is the resource usage of the game : the game may be laggy on old PCs and smartphones or be freezing with slow internet connection. Among the main advantages of the game many people name the huge number of characters as well as bonus characters including reapers and others. Keep in mind that it will take a lot of time to reach the final stages of evolution. The final character in this game is called : The grim reaper.

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