The Impossible Quiz

This quiz game which is called The Impossible Quiz is probably the most difficult and tricky quiz game you have ever played. Despite the fact that the game was created more than 10 years ago, it is still very popular because of the awesome gameplay and interesting questions. Let me explain what I am talking about when I say that the quiz is tricky : when you play other quiz games, you count on your knowledge of different topics or history facts. In this game, your main power should be ability to think outside the box and believe me, it is the only way to succeed. The quiz has more than 100 questions and I am sure that no one can answer all of them without making mistakes, it is impossible.

The Impossible Quiz was created as a prank game because the questions are build in a funny manner. The huge popularity came to this game when a popular youtube blogger made a video about it where he was trying to play it with friends and answer tricky questions. Today the popularity of the game is not as high as years ago, but still a lot of people enjoy it every day. The rules of the game are simple - you read the question and have to click one of 4 possible answers. If your answer is right, you will jump to the next question. Keep in mind that there are some tricky questions where the real answer is hidden somewhere or you might have to do some actions to reveal it. If you are stuck you can always browse the websites with answers but to get the best emotions from the game you'd better play on your own, without cheats. The original edition of the Impossible Quiz is now available at our website so feel free to play it whenever you want.

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