Surviv io

Survival and battle royale games became very popular nowadays because of the interesting and addictive gameplay and a freedom of choice. The game featured at this page is called Surviv io and in my opinion it is one of the best survival battle royale games today and I will try to make you understand that I am right. Despite the fact that the game has a 2D graphics it is very popular and hundreds of players all around the world enjoy it every day playing together. The most important thing is that there are no AI players in this game and it is not available in single player mode - you have to fight against real survivors all around the globe.

There are several rules and guidelines that you must follow if you want to succeed in this game. Each round of the game starts with players dropped to a random location on the map. When the player spawn on the area, he has no weapons,no perks or any items. Your only weapon is your chest. The mission of the player is to walk around the territory and find some weapons which is commonly hidden inside building, boxes or sometimes just lay on the ground. No one knows which weapon is hidden in the box until you break it. At the beginning of the round each weapon found by you will help you secure yourself. The variety of weapons in Surviv io is pretty huge - you can discover pistols,sniper rifles,grenades,rocket launchers and many other weapons. Your character can carry only primary and secondary weapon but you can drop the existing one if you find something better.

After an exact ammoung of time from the beginning of the level the safe area where you can be shrinks - the poison with gas will make you move towards the safe area. This means that the space for players to hide becomes smaller. In the end, the safe area shrinks so much that the players who are still alive should fight with each other to find out who is the winner of the round. Keep in mind that the played who die can stay as spectators on the server or quit to find another active game. All those features make an awesome and addictive battle royale game, so you can try it on your own.

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